Cut and Polish

This system is used on all timber floors, staircases and skirting. First step is to cut the floor in order to level it by using 36 grit sand papers should be used. After that use 60 grit sand papers to smoothen the floor. If there are any gaps and imperfections those should be covered using putty. Next you should use 60 - 100 sand papers to further cut and smoothen the floor. Thereafter 3 layers of sealers/ approved polish should be applied. This could either be solven based or water based. The sealers and polish will be applied according to the request of the Client/ Architect.

The reason for using these sealers are to obtain the natural colours of the timber. If the timber floor is stained to a colour other than the natural colour, it will get discoloured after some time. You are here: HomeCut and Polish Wood we use Burma Teak Sri Lankan Teak Kabuk Asian Oak Kempus Pare Mara (Banyan) Common Factors Before laying the floor we season the wood and remove all the excess moisture. To do that we have to take into consideration the following